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Shyness and Self Esteem

While not all shy people have low self-esteem, shyness is usually seen as a symptom of fear or lack of self-confidence. When you’re shy, it usually means that you’re self-conscious and maybe even worried about what other people think about you. Occasional shyness is normal, but when it becomes a habit, it can be detrimental to your progress in life, work, and love. Because of the connection between shyness and self-esteem, building your self-esteem step by step can help you overcome your shyness. There are several things […]

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Shyness In Children

What is shyness? Liz wanted to enter the mess hall. All the other kids were already seated in groups, munching their lunch, chatting happily. Liz was afraid that people would look at her, so she hung outside, trying to muster the courage to enter. But her heart raced inside her rib cage, her palms sweated and she felt a warm blush cover her face. So she left. Shyness during childhood years. Shy children like Liz suffer from ‘approach avoidance conflict. It means that they do want to […]

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Solutions for Extreme Shyness

Are you ever shy? Shyness is actually very common. Most people experience some degree of shyness from time to time in certain situations. In fact, only about 7% of people claim that they never feel shy. For the rest of us, shyness can range from being a minor inconvenience, to being a major problem. Some people suffer from overwhelming shyness that is extreme. Such acute shyness is not only very painful to experience, but it can be devastating in its effects on a person’s social life, happiness, […]

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