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Shyness In Children

What is shyness? Liz wanted to enter the mess hall. All the other kids were already seated in groups, munching their lunch, chatting happily. Liz was afraid that people would look at her, so she hung outside, trying to muster the courage to enter. But her heart raced inside her rib cage, her palms sweated and she felt a warm blush cover her face. So she left. Shyness during childhood years. Shy children like Liz suffer from ‘approach avoidance conflict. It means that they do want to […]

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Lets Get Emotionally Fit

In today’s modern world, a lot of people are so obsessed with their physical appearance that they are even willing to invest on the latest skin care treatment, gym gadgets, or physical workout programs just to improve their body image. They work hard to sculpt their bodies after the body icons featured in celebrity mags. There is nothing wrong with physical fitness. All of us want to feel good about ourselves. The inherent lust for attention and approval are necessary to boost one’s self esteem. But what […]

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